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Ultimate Guide to Temporary Fencing

What is temporary fencing?

Temporary fencing is a crucial element in site safety. They are freestanding fence panels and barriers connected via couplers and stand on counterweighted feet – making them sturdy and resistant to a certain degree of force, while also having the capabilities of being portable and flexible. Temporary fences are often used in construction sites, to restrict access to dangerous areas, to deter security threats or for crowd control. As well as this, they can also be used for events management, excavation, utilities, street works and more.

Types of plastic temporary fencing

There are many different types of temporary fencing available. Here at Oxford Plastics, our selection of temporary construction fences vary in weight, style and functionality. Most temporary fencing is durable, chapter 8 compliant and easy to transport.

  • Avalon Barrier – The Avalon® barrier is our most versatile fencing option. Available in 2m, 1m and 0.5m wide, it can be used for construction, excavation, street works, events and utilities sites. The Avalon Barrier is the most popular temporary fencing style, read more in our guide on Avalon Barriers.
  • SafeGate – Designed for use around manholes, the SafeGate barrier is commonly used in the communications industry. As a set of 3 or 4 hi-vis, hinged gates, this fencing can fit in the back of a van and comes with SafeBase feet to optimise wind resistance. It is also easily movable between construction sites.
  • EnduraFence – The EnduraFence barrier is durable and heavy duty, available in 2m wide. As a tall, anti-climb fence, it can be used for construction, deep excavation and street works sites.
  • Watchman Barriers (including Watchman Barrier MKII) – are available at 1.5m and 2m. As a modular system comprising of bases, posts and planks, the Watchman Barrier MKII offers unlimited layout combinations making it perfect for traffic or crowd control.
  • Fencing Pins – Our fencing pins are non-conductive, and suitable for sites with electric cable hazards. Pin them into the ground, at your chosen distance, and attach with rope to create a desired fence.
  • Vantage Barrier – The Vantage Barrier links most of our link-and-pin barrier systems, making it one of the most versatile temporary fences. A Vantage Barrier can be used for construction, excavation, street works, events and utilities sites.
  • Lantis Barrier – A recycled plastic barrier fence, the Lantis Barrier is a versatile replacement to steel pedestrian barriers. It can be used in parades, sporting events, ticketing lines and many more.

Benefits of temporary fencing

Temporary fencing is used in a variety of different ways such as events, street works and construction sites. Therefore, it is important that they all fit the below criteria:

  • Portable – construction sites or events are not normally a permanent feature, which is why the portable nature of temporary fencing is so important. All temporary fencing can be moved easily and transported in the back of a van. Equally, it can be adapted to fit any site it needs to.
  • Lightweight – all temporary fencing is light weight, which makes it easily movable between construction sites. However, this does not stop it being sturdy and resistant to force and wind.
  • Durable – despite not being a permanent fixture, temporary construction fencing is long lasting and durable. It’s designed to be left outdoors for prolonged periods of time.
  • Modular – our temporary fence panels are built with the flexibility to allow you to build them how you wish. This also allows you to structure your site in the most efficient way possible.

Where to buy temporary fencing

Looking for plastic temporary fencing? Whether it’s for your construction site or an event, Oxford Plastics have you covered. For more information on buying temporary fencing, get in touch with a member of expert team here at Oxford Plastics.

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