Oxford Plastics has been solving site safety problems for over 35 years

We are a leading British manufacturer of site safety products. Our award-winning ranges of safe and simple temporary products are designed to be compliant with the latest codes of practice.

Suitable For Any Challenge

Today, we offer the most comprehensive range of composite trench covers in the world.

For use across footways to carriageways in streetworks and on construction sites.

The LowPro range is designed to replace steel plates and wooden boards.

Why It’s Better

Light enough to be installed by hand, the LowPro range makes covering excavations quick, quiet and easy.

Reduced health and safety risks

Enhanced ease of use

Leading sustainability in the industry

Industry Leading

  • Guaranteed maximum load weight of up to 44 tonnes
  • Tested to ensure a 2:1 safety factor
  • One or two persons installation
  • Ramped LowPro edges for safe access
  • Road plate patented drop-pin security
  • HAUC fully compliant

See How It Works


Trench Cover Guide

Download our Trench Cover Guide to explore the range and find out which cover is suitable for your needs.

We Go Above & Beyond

  • We have led the industry by innovating our LowPro range and continue to ensure the highest standards of manufacturing, testing and development of every product solution.
  • A comprehensive range for peace of mind to solve any trenching challenge
  • Robust Product and safety testing - Tested to ensure a 2:1 safety factor, the LowPro range is built to last, with little to no maintenance costs.
  • Better than steel alternatives
  • Sustainable benefits - by reducing your carbon footprint and environmental impact

Global Distribution

We provide our LowPro range of trench covers and road plates for customers across the globe, for use in many sectors including Gas, Water, Telecoms and Electricity utilities, civils and construction.

The LowPro Trench Cover Innovation Story

Innovation is at the heart of what we do. For over 25 years, we have been listening to our customers and refining our LowPro range. Today, we offer the world’s most comprehensive suite of composite trench covers and road plates, which replace cumbersome steel plates and old-fashioned plywood boards.


Safe Covers Introduced

12/8 Safe Cover

Our street works customers asked for a durable replacement for plywood boards, and with that, we designed our first composite board: the 12/8 Safe Cover.


Early Road Plates

15/05 Road Plate

We knew that composite technology could make light-work of replacing steel road plates, so we expanded into heavy-duty solutions with the 15/05 Road Plate.


LowPro Technology

LowPro 11/11

The LowPro 11/11 launched our patented LowPro edge technology to make installations effortlessly easy – no need for bolts!


Road Plates Reinvented

LowPro 23/05 Road Plates

LowPro 23/05 Road Plates came to market as the biggest addition to the LowPro family with handy accessories for manual handling like the stillage and EasiLift handles.


1 Million Sold

By now, over 1 million Oxford Plastics composite trench covers and road plates have been sold around the globe.


Narrow Trenching

LowPro 100

Narrow trench? We’ve got it covered, with the fit-for-fibre LowPro 100. Covering the smallest of trenches safely and effectively in no time.


LowPro Range Update

LowPro 15/05

LowPro 15/05 Road Plate System is the latest addition to the family, allowing you to work smarter by safely delivering your operational KPIs, be a carbon champion by reducing CO2e, and has world-leading, patented innovations.

Our comprehensive LowPro Product Range

The Oxford Plastics innovation timeline has directly led to the development of our extensive range of trench cover and road plates, more than any other competitor on the market.