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Construction risk assessment checklist

A risk assessment is the procedure of identifying any potential risks or hazards that may occur during a period of time. A construction risk assessment helps to identify these risks and hazards on-site or workplace whereby any building work will be taking place.

Why is a risk assessment used during a construction project?

A risk assessment is crucial for any on-site activity or construction work, as it identifies the potential hazards that may arise and highlights the steps needed in order to correct, mitigate or remove those risks. The risks encountered at construction sites, especially if the work undertaken will obstruct or divert traffic on the public footpath, will require the correct assignee responsible for maintaining the health and safety of workers and the public – before, during and after construction work has taken place.

Construction risk assessment checklist

Carrying out a construction risk assessment will help ensure all building work is carried out as safely as possible. This checklist identifies the potential risks and hazards that may occur during an event, such as:

Slips, trips and falls

Scaffolding or work at height

  • Scaffolding to be installed and inspected by a fully competent contractor
  • Any scaffolding to be inspected every 7 days to ensure structural integrity
  • Changes to scaffolding or structure must be re-designed and re-inspected before continuing any work at height

Equipment and tools

  • General housekeeping and tidy workspaces
  • Correct PPE being used and worn
  • Enough space allocated around the use of dangerous power tools or equipment
  • Correctly trained or assigned workers users the right tools and equipment

Fire and emergency

  • Ensure fire exits or emergency exits are clearly visible
  • Have an emergency exit strategy in place which all workers are aware of
  • Any flammable substances or materials to be stored away correctly to avoid fire hazards


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