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Ultimate guide to traffic cones

Looking to purchase road cones? Or simply want to brush up on your knowledge on them using our helpful FAQs? Our detailed guide to traffic cones has you covered.

What is a traffic cone?

Traffic cones, also known as road cones, highway cones and safety cones, are cone-shaped markers which are placed on the roads or temporary footpaths in order to redirect traffic in a safe manner. Typical uses of road cones include merging lanes during road construction projects, creating separation between vehicles or to manage vehicle accidents.

What colour are traffic cones?

  • Orange – the most common colour for a road cone, this is the standard highwayman cone – ideal for use in heavy traffic and parking control at events.
  • Yellow & white – indicates that no stopping is allowed – see our No Waiting Cone.
  • Blue & white – indicates that there are overhead structures to be aware of (e.g. bridges and power lines)
  • Green & white – indicates an opening to access lanes (often found on motorways amid roadworks)

Road cones FAQs

How big is a traffic cone?

2-part road cones are usually available in a range of sizes, including 1000mm, 750mm and 500mm.

How tall is a traffic cone?

The height of a traffic cone depends on the mph of the road they are being used on. Road cones must be 450mm or above for road speeds of 30mph – 50mph, but if the road speed is above 50mph, the cone height must be 750mm or above.

What material are traffic cones made of?

Traffic cones were originally made from concrete, while road cones are now more typically made from plastic or rubber. Here at Oxford Plastics, we supply a wide range of plastic road cones – made using 100% recycled plastic.

Can you put traffic cones on the road?

Often, people assume you can use road cones to reserve parking spaces, especially outside their homes. However, this is actually breaking road rules – as blocking the road with traffic cones is dangerous. Traffic cones are used on the roads by a professional company in order to control traffic in a certain way, or alert drivers to hazards up ahead.

Where to buy road cones

Oxford Plastics supply a wide range of road cones to buy – from the No Waiting Cone to the Highwayman Cone.

For more information about our road and traffic conesget in touch with a member of our expert team. Alternatively, learn how to use signs and road cones for social distancing from our detailed guide.

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