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How Oxford Plastics can Ensure Social Distancing on Campus

All places of education are due to reopen in September and we’re sure at the front of every headteacher, chancellor and local authority’s mind is how to keep students and staff safe and socially distanced on their return.

Although most news coverage has focused on primary and secondary schools, nurseries right through to universities are having to carefully consider the safety of all its learners as well as teaching and support staff.

Universities may well have the hardest job on their hands with substantial student numbers, large lecture groups and a substantial campus area to cover.

UK universities have huge numbers of students; with the top 10 universities all hosting more than 30,000 students each. Trying to communicate effectively with that sheer number of students is a mammoth task, and that’s where Oxford Plastics’ equipment and safety signage proves itself invaluable.

Campus safety

Implementing safety equipment such as our OxfordWall, Lantis Barriers and ClearPath mats can transform a campus overnight and – coupled with our strong signage products – can clearly demonstrate and communicate the proposed route of travel, one-way systems and any areas temporarily cordoned off to ensure student safety and social distancing.

Our product range can be easily installed and configured to minimise the risk of contact, by clearly demarcating safe thoroughfares, reducing congestion in confined areas and blocking unwanted access. These products help to control movement and encourage safe practice.

Communal areas

It’s not only travel around campus that needs to be considered. Communal areas such as union buildings, libraries and halls of residence need clear delineation of travel as well as ensuring minimum distancing is taken into account wherever necessary.

The Lantis Barrier is made of 85% recycled materials and has a soft welcoming aesthetic. Ordinarily used in parades, sporting events and ticketing lines, it’s a versatile solution and replacement to steel pedestrian barriers. During the pandemic, it has found another home by creating safe areas in universities, as well as maintaining social distancing through segmentation of staff and pupils.

Much lighter than steel barricades, the Lantis Barrier weighs just 14 kgs. The easy-carry handles mean installers can carry up to four at a time; ideal for quick roll-out across campus.


Students often use bicycles as a fast, affordable and easy way of travelling around campus as well as further afield. However, encouraging greater use of bicycles coupled with reduced thoroughfares could lead to collisions between pedestrians and student cyclists.

Our OxfordWall product can create strong and safe cycle lanes; perfect for campus travel and keeping cyclists separate to students on foot. The barrier can be either sand- or water-filled and is highly visible to road users as well as fast and easy to deploy.

Changes to main thoroughfares

September will see the influx of thousands of new students on campus who – without prior knowledge of routes around the campus – will undoubtedly resort to university maps and original signage. With new measures across the entire site, all students – both old and new – will need to understand where to go in order to get to their lectures, tutor groups and access library resources. Our ClearPath® temporary walkways can clearly guide all students and staff to the new routes proposed across campus to ensure social distancing.

Oxford Plastics has a long-standing and well-proven reputation in giving the best service and providing superior products to its customers. We manufacture intelligently designed, problem-solving products that make spaces safer, more efficient and effective. We produce safe, secure and compliant products, 75% of which are made from recycled plastic and are 95% recyclable.

Learn more about our products and equipment here, or get in contact with us to see how we can help with your requirements.

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