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Are Your Footway Boards Compliant?

An excavation or trench may be covered and appear safe for both pedestrians, vehicles and the like – but does it adhere to HAUC and British Safety? Ensuring your site safety equipment is compliant is integral from both a health and safety perspective, but also from a legal standpoint.

That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide to ensure that your footway boards, trench covers and road plates are all compliant with HAUC UK regulations.

We tested our LowPro 12/8 Footway Board compared with an alternative Footway Board to the latest HAUC 2018/01 Advice Note. See the test results in our comprehensive and technical product guide.

Footway board compliancy criteria:

There are a number of requirements for a Footway Board to be compliant, including that it should:

  • Be capable of supporting a working load of 400kg with a deflection of no more than 35mm over the design life of the board
  • Extend the full width of any temporary footway
  • The ultimate failure load should not be less than 800kg
  • Be rigidly fixed with sufficient length on either side of the trench or excavation
  • Be strong enough to support both pedestrians, and pavement-based vehicles, such as mobility scooters and prams
  • Be made from material which is unlikely to wear or rust, or become distorted in any way
  • Have an anti-slip surface
  • Comply with health and safety regulations, meaning it should have anti-trip protection

For more information on footway board compliancy, visit HAUC UK.

Benefits of LowPro Footway Boards

By investing in Oxford Plastics’ LowPro footway boards, trench covers and road plates, you can experience a range of benefits, including:

  • Easy installation – 1 person-lift Footway Boards
  • Durability – suitable from 400kg over a 700mm trench, all the way to 44T over a 1,200mm. Check out our LowPro Trench Cover Guide to help you choose the right trench cover for you.
  • HAUC compliance – comply with HAUC’s 2018/01 Advice Note
  • No need for pinning – LowPro edges grip the asphalt – pinning not required in most applications
  • Anti-slide – moulded anti-slip surface
  • Safety – our LowPro 12/8 and LowPro 15/10 are available with Infill Strips to remove trip-hazards, and the LowPro edges are shock resistant
  • Bespoke – corporate branding available with MOQs
  • Sustainability – designed and manufactured in the UK

If you would like to learn more about our LowPro trench covers and pedestrian hole cover range, you can find out everything you need to know from our team of experts. Enquire online today.

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