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4 ways autumn weather can affect site safety

How can autumn weather affect site safety?

When it comes to site safety, each season can bring its own hazards. From prolonged sun exposure in the Summer to heavy snowfall and extreme cold in the winter – autumn is no exception. Post-summer, the weather tends to turn quickly and presents its own site safety risks.

Whether you are undertaking minor construction work or taking on a large project, knowing the major hazards autumn may bring can avoid you from being caught out and take the necessary steps to prevent accidents, injuries or equipment damage that can potentially throw you off schedule.

Read on to discover the 4 key site safety hazards to be mindful of this autumn to ensure your business is prepared and well equipped.

Heavy rain & wet weather  

Autumn inevitably brings a dip in temperature, and with that, comes heavy rainfall and wet weather. Unexpected showers can put a halt to construction work but can also make sites extremely dangerous. However, even on dry days, autumn days can also be quite damp and dewy. This will make walkways, machinery and surfaces slippery and potentially hazardous.

Poor visibility & cooler temperatures

The cooler months brings the clocks back, meaning reduced light with darker nights and mornings. This can make construction sites unsafe due to poor visibility. Mist and fog can make visibility that much harder, particularly during the autumn months along with the cooler temperatures the season brings.

Fallen leaves

As obvious as large leaves falling from trees can be, it’s when they fall unexpectedly. Not only can this obscure your vision, but the constant clean-up can be time consuming. If you manage to keep walkways and construction sites clear, there is also the risk of wet leaves making sites slippery and dangerous. Wet leaves and debris can stick to work boots making walking on construction sites or climbing ladders particularly hazardous.

Frost & Ice

Along with the dip in temperature, black ice and frost can pose a threat to the safety of sites as well as the team. Black ice can be virtually undetectable at times, particularly with fog and falling leaves obstructing your vision – this is a real hazard to walkways, stairs and ladders but also whilst using dangerous machinery.

At Oxford Plastics, we understand that keeping your workers and the public safe is top priority. Our safety products are engineered to reduce the risk of harm, particularly in difficult seasons such as Autumn and Winter. We provide a comprehensive range of intelligently designed site safety products that can be used across a wide range of industries. Read more about our Chapter 8 or Red Book compliant products here or get in touch today if you’d like to talk to one of our friendly and knowledgeable team.

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