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Oxford Plastics Launches New Quick Fit EnduraSign QuickFit Frame

Street Works Sign hits the road

Leading innovator and manufacturer of site safety equipment Oxford Plastics has announced the launch of the new EnduraSign QuickFit Frame.

The company’s latest roadside safety frame release this autumn is compatible with 300mm drilled quickfit sign faces. The innovative modular design allows the signage to be quickly changed and assembled on site.

The design of the frame ensures that it is easy to install, while the addition of the EnduraSign Ballast keeps it stable even in harsh weather conditions and able to withstand winds of up to 59mph – replacing the need for old, messy, single use sandbags. It’s made from a flexible material that won’t crack, is non-conductive and withstands harsh weather without the risk of rusting.

The EnduraSign QuickFit droplock system allows for industry standard Chapter 8 sign faces to be added, which include 450mm Rectangle, 650mm Rectangle, 1050 rectangle, 750mm Circle and 750mm Triangle with the optional Sup plates.

Chris Whiteley, Technical Director for Oxford Plastics said:

“The launch of this product is very important to us as it’s a design our team have been working on and modifying for some time to make perfect. We believe the frame and fit is the very best the market has to offer and something that will add value to any company needing road safety equipment throughout the UK.

“It is also customisable, so is able to match any corporate branding, which is something we have been asked for by our customers in the past who know the importance of marketing their own product. Alongside this, we also are able to nameplate emboss the leg of the frame to reduce the risk of theft, so we really have thought of everything.”

A video explaining the full sign system can be found here.

For more details about Oxford Plastics and the EnduraSign QuickFit frame, visit this link.

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