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LowPro 15/10: product history and development

Here at Oxford Plastics, we pride ourselves in listening to our consumers, and providing products which adhere to both health and safety regulations, but also to efficiency, productivity and cost. That’s why we thought it would be helpful to explain a little bit about our LowPro 15/10 – including how this product came into fruition, the history behind it’s development and the advantages it has for the consumer.

Firstly, it’s important to highlight exactly what the LowPro 15/10 is:

What is the LowPro 15/10?

Our LowPro 15/10 product is part of our road plates and trench covers range. It’s a trench cover system used specifically to cover trenches with the ability to connect multiple trench covers with the LowPro Infills to prevent drifting – along with creating a gradual gradient with the NEW LowPro Ramps.

Otherwise known as a driveway board, this product has been tried and tested with National Grid – capable of supporting 1 wheel of a 3.5 tonnes vehicle.

So, now you’re clued in on what the LowPro 15/10 actually is, let’s jump into the history of the product, and how this adaptable product has developed over the years!

History of LowPro 15/10

The LowPro 15/10 was initially developed in 2011 in conjunction with National Grid – who are now known as Cadent Gas. Their contractors in the Triio and North Thames Gas Alliance include Skanska McNicholas and Morrison.

As we had already manufactured and supplied pedestrian trench covers, such as our LowPro 11/11 pedestrian board, and our LowPro 12/8 pedestrian trench cover – we knew how important providing another variation of a trench cover would be for our consumers. Enter, LowPro 15/10.

The problem

It had been found through previous consumer research that existing trench covers were mostly damaged on their edges and corners – which caused customers to want to replace these, leading to a product that wasn’t always cost-effective.

The solution

The solution to this was to fit a flexible `rubber type’ edge around the perimeter to absorb any impact and prevent damage occurring. This is what, today, we call the LowPro Edge.

The second benefit of the flexible edge is how it removes the need for pins or screws in the asphalt. Installation time is also vastly reduced, making it quick and easy to safely cover the hole of excavation.

This product was designed as there was a requirement for a trench cover that would go over trenches across a driveway, allowing access for vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes. In addition to this, another requirement was to cover 900mm wide trenches, typical of utility pipes for water and gas going into residential properties.

As this product was designed for the gas industry, they also requested that a hole should be fit to the cover where a Gas Probe could be inserted. The second part of this was to fit gas vent holes.

In conclusion, the LowPro 15/10 solved many requirements both consumers and manufacturers were seeing with existing trench covers, and provided a product which does it all.

Benefits of using the LowPro 15/10 system

By using LowPro 15/10, you can reap the many benefits this well-designed product offers, including:

  • Anti-slip surface
  • Designed with National Grid (Cadent Gas)
  • Shock resistant
  • Available in bespoke colours
  • Fitted with gas vents and probe hole
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK

Ready to purchase this product for your business? Enquire online today – or get in touch with our team of expert staff for any more information on our LowPro 15/10.

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