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How to Create Social Distancing Walkways for Customers in Department Stores

Non-essential retailers were closed for three months during the Coronavirus lockdown in the UK and, even now that they’re permitted to reopen, things have inevitably had to change.

Protective measures need to be in place throughout the retail experience, from the car parks to the queuing systems at the entrance to department stores, right through to how shoppers move once inside.

The total value of UK retail sales last year amounted to nearly £400 billion, with a third of consumer spending going through retailers. With the UK economy in a perilous position post-lockdown, it is absolutely critical that retail attracts consumers back into its department stores and shops, particularly with nearly 3 million people in the UK employed in the sector.

With lots of people having relied heavily on online shopping during lockdown, and many fearing a second peak of COVID-19, many shoppers are nervous to return to shops so it’s important for retailers to be visible in embracing and implementing social distancing measures whilst encouraging its customers to return to the retail environment.

However, with more than 300,000 outlets across the UK in which to implement social distancing guidelines, where do retailers begin?

We understand that retail managers are being given a mammoth task when it comes to safely implementing equipment to enable social distancing and training staff in how best to utilise these resources.

Oxford Plastics specialises in safety equipment and signage; from cones to barriers, signs to walkways, we are best positioned to advise retailers on the most appropriate solutions to implement and maintain social distancing guidelines, and provide easy-to-install, semi-permanent products manufactured in the UK and readily available.

In addition to the reopening of department stores and shops, ‘click and collect’ has risen in popularity during lockdown, with many retailers introducing the service to be able to continue trading, but with popularity comes a rise in customers and even these services need to be carefully managed to ensure appropriate social distancing is maintained. Barriers and cone systems to indicate to customers where to wait and the distances to maintain are products that Oxford Plastics can provide to its clients to help ensure consumer safety in the retail environment.

Our lightweight, SafeGate portable safety barrier works well both in helping the flow of people in queues waiting to enter retailers, as well as to help direct shoppers once inside, or even cordon off areas that now need to be kept isolated.

In larger department stores, our ClearPath® Mat is the ideal highly visible and durable pedestrian mat. Fast and easy to install, the black & white temporary mat is ideal to direct shoppers both in and out of the shop as well as giving clear direction once inside.

We offer a comprehensive range of equipment and signage that can help retailers make their shops safe for customers and to provide consumer peace of mind. We manufacture intelligently designed, problem-solving products that make spaces safer, more efficient and effective. We produce safe, secure and compliant products, 75% of which are made from recycled plastic and are 95% recyclable.

Learn more about our products and equipment here, or get in contact with us to see how we can help with your requirements.

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