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Creating Space to Social Distance in Train Stations and Airports

As the UK slowly starts to reopen its social spaces, it’s vital for Government guidelines to be implemented and adhered to in order to keep both the public and workers safe in their environments.

With train stations and airports crucial for commuting to work, as well as rebuilding the UK’s hard-hit tourism sector, ensuring the correct measures are in place as well as the ability to easily socially distance is critical to the success of easing lockdown measures across the country.

However, as restrictions are lifted, guidance is changing on a weekly basis and it’s important for station and airport managers to have flexible solutions that can change in accordance with Government announcements.

Transport hubs such as stations and airports need to be able to move people in directions and perhaps even in areas that were not originally designed for the public. This can bring about significant challenges, but this is where Oxford Plastics can provide real value.

Our comprehensive, readily-available streetworks equipment can ease this challenge; from ClearPath Mats providing clear and visible guidance to pedestrians as to where to walk, signage to eradicate any confusion and the SupaGrip Ramp for wheelchair users, those with prams and commuters with pull-along luggage to be able to easily negotiate steps or kerbs that might hinder their progress.

Not only do we offer a wide range of UK-manufactured, highly visible equipment, but it is easily installed and customisable to meet the needs of our clients. We are a trusted provider of construction signage and safety equipment with a proven track record in both customer service and high-quality products.

During this time of uncertainty and change across the UK, we are on-hand to provide advice, guidance and flexible solutions that can help transform public places into safe, compliant spaces for all users.

Partnering with a specialist such as Oxford Plastics to implement these changes to the transport network can give transport hubs peace of mind and reassurance in this highly charged and challenging time. We manufacture intelligently designed, problem-solving products that make spaces safer, more efficient and effective. We produce safe, secure and compliant products, 75% of which are made from recycled plastic and are 95% recyclable.

Learn more about our products and equipment here, or get in contact with us to see how we can help with your requirements.

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