LowPro Road Plates & Trench Covers

The plastic alternative to steel plates.

The LowPro Range

The LowPro range is designed to replace steel plates and wooden boards. Light enough to be installed by hand, the LowPro range makes covering excavations quick, quiet, and easy. Tested to ensure a 2:1 safety factor, the LowPro range is built to last, with little to no maintenance costs, and is more sustainable than steel alternatives.

LowPro Road Plates & Trench Covers Guide

Everything you need to know about our range of sustainable composite LowPro covers from Oxford Plastics. Learn how the LowPro road plates and trench covers work, installation instructions, and which LowPro to use.


Road Plates & Trench Covers

Trench covers, road plates, and road ramps are essential for maintaining accessibility. Here at Oxford Plastics, our range of road plates and ramps covers all needs and requirements—whether they are for small sink holes, wide-trench utility works, or public access.

Read our guide to trench covers and road plates to learn the best ways to improve accessibility and discover our top 5 road plates and trench covers.

What Is a Trench Cover?

A trench cover is designed for covering bores, trenches, and apertures—typically during construction, maintenance, and repair works. Trench covers are suitable for a variety of uses including pedestrian, domestic, residential, walkway, and driveway applications.

Not sure which plastic trench cover is the best choice for you? Take a look at our helpful trench cover guide to help you select the right cover for your job.

What Is a Road Plate?

Road plates are generally used to cover temporary excavations in order to assist with traffic flow and are typically made from steel or plastic. Road plates are suitable for roadways and can even take the weight of a 97,000lb vehicle. Wheelchair ramps provide access at street works, and for schools, shops, and the home.

Read our case studies on LowPro 23/05 Germany and steel plates vs. composite to learn more about our road plates in action.

Browse our full selection of road plates, safety trench covers, and wheelchair ramps now.

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