EnduraRamp Speed Bumps


Traffic calming speed bump.

Calm traffic where it matters

The EnduraRamp slows down traffic at your worksite, school or wherever traffic calming is required. This speed hump is durable and easy to install.

Hide and protect cables

Capable of running a 22mm diameter pipe or cable through the EnduraRamp.

Hi-visibility that lasts

Our EnduraRamps come in black and yellow. We do not paint or spray our speed bumps as the material is coloured, so the colour will not fade.

Features & Advantages

  • Colour does not fade
  • Dog bone locators help to align the ramps during installation
  • Hi-vis white reflectors in each section
  • Suitable for 44 tonnes vehicles
  • Designed to be installed on good condition concrete or asphalt surfaces that are at least 100mm deep
  • Bumps contain a recess underneath to take a cable/pipe approx. 22mm diameter
Label / Nameplate


Inner50 mm75 mm
Product No.03760321
Length500 mm500 mm
Width420 mm420 mm
Height50 mm75 mm
Weight9 kg12 kg
Quantity / Pallet10080
End50 mm75 mm
Product No.03770323
Length210 mm210 mm
Width420 mm420 mm
Height50 mm75 mm
Weight3.5 kg4.5 kg
Quantity / Pallet120100
Slows Traffic To10 mph5 mph
ColourYellow and Black, white on request


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