Vantage Chapter 8 Plastic Safety Barrier

Features & Advantages

  • Cost-effective
  • Chapter 8 plastic barrier
  • BS 7818 and BS 8442:2006
  • Robust & tough
  • Short bespoke colour runs
  • Standard or ClearPath® Extra Feet
  • Suitable for uneven ground


Fits with your current barriers
The Vantage Barrier links to the Gate Barrier and most other link-and-pin barrier systems.


Chapter 8 compliant
The Vantage Barrier is a cost-effective Chapter 8 barrier. Like all Oxford Plastics products, the Vantage Barrier complies with all UK legislation and has a 2:1 safety factor.


Customise your barriers
Using rapid compression moulding, the Vantage Barrier is a quick-to-manufacture barrier system. This unique design is to easy to colour customise; choose from our standard colour varieties, or select a specific corporate colour. Add branding to the Vantage Barrier, emboss in 3 possible areas or apply a sticker with your company logo.


Barrier feet
Choose between the Standard Feet or ClearPath® Extra Feet. You can repair or upgrade your barrier feet by removing and changing the barrier feet and spigot.

Vantage Barrier:


Product No.0615
Weight8 kg
Total weight with standard feet12 kg
Total weight with ClearPath feet14 kg
Quantity / Pallet40
ColourOrange (standard), other colours
on request
CustomiseEmboss logo (40 min qty order)
Bespoke colour (120 min qty order)

Vantage Barrier

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