Plastic Construction Barrier


Separating public & traffic

The StrongWall® barrier is heavy-duty, robust and strong. This system provides safe access for pedestrians through highways and construction works.


Heavy base and anti-tamper

The 18kg base, made from recycled plastics, weights the barrier for strong stability. The walls interlock to prevent being dismantled or tampered with.


Disability Discrimination Act Compliance

The new DDA base, originally developed in the U.S.A., is a winning solution for wheelchair users (according to research Oxford Plastics conducted at the University of East Anglia, 2017).


Match your brand

Colours and customisation are available to ensure the StrongWall represents your brand.

Features & Advantages

  • Compliant with Chapter 8 Street Works
  • Top section can be water-filled or sand-filled
  • Top section available in red, white or orange. Enquire for additional customisation options
  • Heavy black recycled base
  • Compact stacking for easy transport and handling
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
  • 100% recyclable
StrongWall 1000
Label / Nameplate
Reflective Strip


Product No.0628
Total weight22 kg
Quantity / Pallet18
ColourTop: orange, white, other colours on request.
Base: black
Test and dataStrongwall Barrier – self-weighted no extra ballast, Maximum wind speed achieved, 32mph (51km/h).
MIRA Wind Tunnel Test
Maximum sideways force: 400 Newtons .

StrongWall 1000

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