LowPro® 15/10 Trench Cover System


The Award Winning LowPro® 15/10 Trench Cover is a driveway board suitable for 3.5 tonnes vehicles over a 900mm trench and uses our patented flexi-edge technology.

Cover a length of trench with the Infill Strip

The Infill Strip completes the LowPro® Trench Cover system: use to connect several trench covers in a line to prevent drifting. The Infill Strip has the added benefit of removing trip hazards between LowPro® Trench Covers. This lightweight trench cover infill  is available in both a small and large size – depending on the orientation of the trench cover over the trench.

Tried & tested with National Grid

Cadent (previously known as National Grid) commissioned Oxford Plastics to create a pedestrian & driveway board. This driveway board is capable of supporting 1 wheel of a 3.5 tonnes vehicle. We enlisted the feedback of Utilities and contractors throughout the design process, and so the LowPro® 15/10 was born!

Anti-slide complies with the latest code

The patented Flexi-Edge technology makes our LowPro Trench Cover anti-slide. It is moulded around the anti-slide technology, on the underside and edges of the LowPro® trench cover board, is made from a soft, flexible, rubber material which grips the surface reducing unwanted movement. Rubber edges can be replaced to extend the life of your LowPro®.

Say goodbye to bolts

The LowPro® 15/10 complies with National Grid Footway Board Specification T/SP/E/42. It does not need to be bolted into place, reducing installation time.

Safe, simple & strong

This LowPro® is a lightweight and easy-to-handle alternative to the steel plate. This trench cover board is installed in seconds with an easy 2 person lift, meaning there is no need for specialist lifting equipment.

Features & Advantages of the LowPro 15/10 Trench Cover System

  • Award-winning, 2 person-lift Driveway Board
  • Connect  driveway boards together with long or short Infill Strips
  • Suitable for 3.5T vehicles over a 900mm trench & pedestrians over a 1200mm trench
  • Designed with National Grid
  • Complies with HAUC’s 2018/01 Advice Note
  • LowPro trench cover edges grip the asphalt – pinning not required in most applications
  • Moulded anti-slip surface
  • Fitted with gas vents & probe hole
  • Shock resistant
  • Use with LowPro Infill to remove trip-hazards
  • Corporate branding available
  • Available in bespoke colours
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK


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LowPro® 15/10 Trench Cover:

Product No.0815
Weight38 kg
Quantity / Pallet20
ColourYellow & Black

LowPro® 15/10 Long Infill Strip:

Product No.0840
Weight2.3 kg
Quantity / Pallet5/100
LowPro 15/10 Trench Cover Long Infill Strip

LowPro® 15/10 Short Infill Strip:

Product No.0375
Weight2 kg
Quantity / Pallet5/100
LowPro 15/10 Trench Cover Short Infill Strip

LowPro® 15/10

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