LowPro® 100 Narrow Trench Cover


The LowPro® 100 Narrow Trench Cover. Developed for Project Gigabit, this narrow trench cover is ideal for fibre-optic cable installations. It is suitable for 75m-100mm wide trenches.

Features & Advantages of the LowPro 100 Narrow Trench Cover

  • Designed for fibre-optic cable installations & maintenance
  • Suitable for Narrow-Trenching: 75mm-100mm excavations
  • Low profile: lies flat on the ground when installed
  • Bends around corners
  • Suitable for pedestrian traffic and vehicle
  • Made of recycled plastic and is recyclable
  • Highly slip-resistant in wet & dry conditions
  • 1m sections can securely bolt together with nyloc fixings
  • Hivis inserts for safety day and night
  • Available in 20mm & 40mm depths
  • Use with the LowPro 11/11 over T-Junctions
  • Designed & Manufactured in the UK

Versatile sizes and lengths

The LowPro 100 comes supplied in 1m sections for ease of installation. The LowPro® 100 Narrow Trench Cover can bend around corners or be installed in a straight line. The narrow trench cover comes in two sizes, 40mm or 20mm deep. Use the 20mm LowPro 100 if the excavation is backfilled before laying asphalt.


The LowPro ® 100 is made from recycled plastic and is fully recyclable. The recycled plastic material grips the asphalt to minimise movement and provide a stable surface for pedestrians and vehicles.

Public Safety

With a highly slip resistant surface in both wet and dry conditions, The LowPro 100® can be deployed all year round. High visibility yellow inserts allow this narrow trench cover to be easily seen by pedestrians and traffic.

The Complete System

Create a complete solution, combining The LowPro® 100 with the LowPro 11/11 Footway Board, no trench configuration is tricky to cover, including common digging patterns such as T-Junctions.


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LowPro® Narrow Trench Cover 40mm:

Product No.O761
Weight3.23 kg
Quantity / Pallet100
ColourBlack & Yellow

LowPro® Narrow Trench Cover 20mm:

Product No.O762
Weight3.2 kg
Quantity / Pallet100
ColourBlack & Yellow