Oxford Rail

Railway Safety & Cable Management Solutions

Oxford Plastics have long been established as a leading innovator of safety products for construction, utilities, and events. With the introduction of our Oxford Rail brand, we are proud to expand our award-winning product offering into rail safety and cable management.

Our safety products are safe, easy to use, and compliant with rail codes of practice, making them ideal for a full range of temporary safety requirements. In addition to our legacy products, our sleepers and bearers bring the latest in cable management innovation to the market.

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We work closely with rail companies to make sure that our products are industry compliant to the highest levels, investing heavily in research & development to ensure that you get the very best rail safety products.


The traditional materials for railway sleepers, wood and concrete, have limitations as materials. Our Oxford Sleeper & Oxford Bearer are engineered to combat these issues: they are lightweight cable management sleepers which can be manufactured to bespoke lengths. Oxford Sleepers are designed as cable management as a more cost-effective alternative to UTX and OTX.


Our Rail Safety Barriers products will help you ensure that your staff, pedestrians, and workforce are safe around temporary rail work sites. Our proven range of rail safety barriers are heavy duty, resilient and available in numerous colour and length combinations, giving you flexibility to suit your exact barrier needs now and going forwards. Our rail barriers are manufactured using recycled plastic and can connect to existing barrier fleet.


Quick and easy to assemble, whilst durable and stable, our rail fencing products are an excellent choice for keeping pedestrians and rail users separate from potentially hazardous works. With bespoke lengths, anti-climb designs, and fast construction systems, our rail fencing range delivers on both pedestrian safety and rapidly changing site requirements.

Ground Protection

Our ground protection mats are suitable for varying surfaces around rail sites including temporary carparks, temporary or permanent pedestrian crossings, and more. Unlike heavier material alternatives, our plastic based ground protection products are easy to handle, more portable, and less noisy under use, all this whilst retaining their remarkable strength properties.

  • EnduraMat
    Heavy duty ground protection mat for temporary access