Our rail sleepers are available in two distinct variants aimed directly at tackling two specific challenges encountered in rail maintenance; cable crossings and difficult-to-source lengths of rail bearers.

Oxford Sleeper - lightweight composite cable management sleepers

Rail infrastructures need a viable technical and commercial solution for cable crossings. Cables need to cross the rail lines as part of the signalling system and the current cable crossing methods can be a weak link in the system causing signalling failures. ‘Orange Pipes’ provide a restriction to rail tamping activities.

Oxford Plastic Systems Ltd have developed a lightweight cable management sleeper that is electrically isolating, has the strength required in bending and has the fatigue and durability properties to enable the under-track crossings and ‘orange pipes’ to be replaced with a sleeper that does not disrupt the installation and tamping processes. At 75kg, the Oxford Sleeper weighs 1/3 of the alternative concrete able management sleeper (250-300kg). The composite sleepers developed have the same dimensions as a standard wooden sleeper (250mm x 130mm) and have cable channels in the sides with covers so that the cable can be installed into the side of the sleeper without the need for disconnection in many cases.

The sleepers can also support a third rail attachment bracket and are electrically non-conductive.

Oxford Bearer - composite bearer available in custom lengths

Bearers can currently be manufactured up to 5.2m long with the possibility for longer sections in future. These can be used to replace timber bearers that are difficult to source in such lengths.

Features & Advantages

  • Lightweight cable management
  • Electrically isolating – electrically non-conductive
  • Supports 3rd & 4th rail installs
  • Cables can be installed without the need for disconnection
  • Strong under bending
  • Composite materials have high damping properties, resulting in sound or vibration reduction
  • Dampens sound & reduces vibrations
  • Network Rail & TfL approvals underway
  • Patents pending
  • Registered design