EnduraMat Temporary Road Surface

Features & Advantages

  • Ground protection mat for vehicles & pedestrians
  • Temporary walkway & temporary road surface
  • Reversible anti-slip surface
  • Suitable for heavy traffic up to 80 tonnes
  • Lightweight and heavy-duty connectors available
  • Colour and logo customisation
  • Create a large protected area using the connectors
  • Quick and easy to install, 50m² covered in 15 minutes
  • 100% recyclable


Temporary access for pedestrians and vehicles

Heavy duty ground protection mat suitable for worksites, events and temporary access. The EnduraMat has a small grip on the top and a large grip on the bottom, making it suitable for vehicle access and pedestrian access.

Protect the ground

This ground protection mat is designed for outdoor use. EnduraMat can be used as a temporary roadway, it is suitable for cars, forklifts, diggers, trucks cranes and vehicles up to 80 tonnes. Driving over EnduraMat with a heavy load will not cause significant damage to the ground. The colour customisation makes EnduraMat perfect for outdoor events and sports events.

Quick & easy to install

EnduraMat is simple and fast to install, with either 2 or 4 way connectors. This ground protection mat has an easy-to-clean pattern which can be brushed or hosed down.

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EnduraMat 12mm

Product No.0651
Length2440 mm
Width1220 mm
Height12 mm
Weight32 kg
Quantity / Pallet30
ColourWide range of colours and translucent

EnduraMat 12mm half size

Product No.0654
Length1220 mm
Width1220 mm
Height12 mm
Weight16 kg
Quantity / Pallet40
ColourWide range of colours and translucent


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