Square Base Heavy Fence Post Base


Durable heavy duty post base available in 3 sizes.

The Square Base is a versatile ecological heavy base which can fit 3 sizes of post: 40x40mm, 60×60 mm or 51mm diameter. The handle means it is easy to transport.

This heavy base is the best alternative to concrete blocks, it is robust, shock proof and does not crack.

Features & Advantages

  • Suitable for 40x40mm, 60×60 mm or 51mm diameter posts
  • Other hole size available upon request
  • Made of tough, durable, thermoplastic compound
  • Easy to carry handle
  • Logo customisation
  • Shock-resistant alternative to concrete block
  • Manufactured from recycled material and 100% recyclable
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK.


Product No.015
Weight9 kg
Quantity / Pallet75