How we’ve implemented social distancing safety

As the world is starting to make its way back to the days of ‘normality’, we’d like to take some time to analyse how Oxford Plastics have facilitated social distancing measures across various industries. Although we are likely to see the reintroduction of events at a capacity we were used to before 2020 (i.e. crowds of above 30 people), social distancing measures are still likely to be required and enforced in various facilities.

That’s why we have an ‘always on’ approach when it comes to safety. Ensuring that the safety of pedestrians, staff members, students and workers is a paramount part of our business – and one that is transferable to the aftermath of the pandemic. So, how do we implement our social distancing measures across multiple industries so effectively?

Funding Covid social distancing measures

Firstly, there are a number of funds which have been set up by the government to allow companies the scope to provide the necessary social distancing measures required by various industries and businesses. This includes:

Active travel fund

This refers to the final funding allocations for the local transport authorities of the active travel fund. The grant supports local transport authorities with producing both cycling and walking facilities, separated into two tranches:

  • Tranche 1: this funding supports the installation of temporary projects for the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Tranche 2: this funding supports the creation of longer-term projects.

Oxford Plastics fit into Tranche 2 funding – meaning that we can keep providing the high-quality equipment necessary to instil safe social distancing measures across multiple industries.

Welcome back fund

Another fund which supports social distancing measures derived from the pandemic is the Welcome Back fund. This funding builds on the Reopening High Streets Safely Fund, which was announced back in May 2020.

The fund provides councils across England with a share of £56 million from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) to support the safe return to high streets and help build back better from the pandemic.

Our social distancing products

By using the Active Travel Fund to facilitate social distancing measures across multiple different types of locations, we are able to provide a variety of our plastic safety products to our end users. Some of the most popular social distancing equipment used includes:

  • StrongWall – our plastic safety barriers easily indicate to pedestrians the areas should be safe to walk in. This means, by using our StrongWall barrier, efficient social distancing can be maintained within a number of facilities.
  • StongFence – this 2m anti-climb fence is another great way of instilling social distancing measures for facilities, such as outdoor events and high streets.
  • ClearPath Temporary Walkway – our hi-visibility zebra crossing temporary walkway clearly indicates to pedestrians the safest path to walk and has been a successful form of social distancing at many sites, particularly including schools and education facilities.
  • EnduraSign – our EnduraSign QuickFit Frame can be used to erect signs in order to direct both road traffic and pedestrian traffic efficiently. The modular design means that the correct signage can be assembled quickly on site, leading to minimum disruption and maximum safety.

Where we’ve been able to implement social distancing measures

Some of the industries and locations where we’ve been able to provide social distancing measures effectively include:

  • High streets – with our safety barriers and temporary fences, we’ve been able to provide options for social distancing on the high street.
  • Schools – we’ve helped to keep students and staff safely distanced by clearly demarcating walkways, such as our ClearPath Temporary Walkway.
  • Department stores – protective measures for retail experiences have been put into place, from the car parks to the queuing systems at the entrance to the store.
  • University campuses – we’ve also been able to help places of education provide safety to large numbers of students and staff by minimising the risk of contact.

Now you’re clued in on how we facilitate social distancing through our site safety products, get in touch with a member of our team to find out more about our products. Request a quote today.

endura sign quick fit frame

Guide to EnduraSign QuickFit Frame

Here at Oxford Plastics, we’re proud to announce our new safety product range – the EnduraSign QuickFit Frame range – is now available. With numerous benefits such as being fitted with 4 antiluce droplocks, compatible with 300mm spaced QuickFit faces and being 40% more compact than other signs and the option of bespoke branding, learn more about this innovative range – and how it can simplify and improve your current ways of working.

What is the EnduraSign QuickFit Frame product range?

Compatible with 300mm drilled quick-fit sign faces, this sign frame is the perfect solution for any temporary road structure. The modular design allows the correct signage to be quickly assembled – with no sharp edges, meaning you get a simple folding system for easy storage. This product is proficient in managing both traffic flow as well as pedestrian traffic, and will only need one frame for multiple signs faces – saving space in a works van.

Made from recycled PVC, this product replaces single-use sandbags, ensuring that installation remains compliant in all weather conditions. The EnduraSign Ballast works alongside the EnduraSign QuickFit Frame by locking securely into the frame, meaning that more can be added in high wind conditions securely and easily, ranging from Category C, B & A wind loading.

Why we developed this range

We’re constantly looking to improve and define our product ranges – which is why we actively listen to our end users. They told us that there were a number of issues with current construction safety products on the market that needed resolving:

  • Easily broken – existing streetworks signs break easily
  • Non-compliance notices – peeling and damaged reflective leads to costly non-compliance notices
  • Capacity – signs take up a lot of space on work vans, meaning there is less room for other safety equipment

Main benefits of this range

By creating the EnduraSign QuickFit Frame range, this aims to easily solve the above problems that end users are facing by the following new features:

  • Damaged sign faces – using changeable signs, you’re able to easily change any damaged or broken sign faces – to get the sign up and running again as quickly as possible. We also offer the ‘Right to Repair’ – meaning that if the droplocks were to break, for example, these can be supplied for replacement from Oxford Plastics.
  • 40% more compact than other signs – allowing users to stack compactly for transport purposes.
  • Super durable – meaning they can be driven over and still spring back into shape.
  • Reduces non-compliance – 19mph wind resistance without ballasting, meaning non-compliance fines due to signs falling over will be reduced. Add one or multiple EnduraSign Ballasts to the frame to achieve Category B & A.
  • Bespoke branding – option of corporate branding for theft prevention and inventory management. Choose from RAL coloured frames, and an embossed logo on the leg or the ballast.

This new innovative safety product range essentially solves all the above problems that traffic management contractors experience with current safety products in the marketplace, and Oxford Plastics aims to be the number one safety equipment provider in the UK.

Who is this product range aimed at?

Designed with our UK and European markets in mind, the main consumers for this product range include:

Want to know more about our new innovative product range? Get in touch with a member of our specialist team here at Oxford Plastics.