Chapter 8 & Red Book

Guide to Chapter 8 & Red Book compliant products

Understanding Chapter 8 & the Red Book is essential before starting street works. That’s why Oxford Plastics have put together this overview of what exactly is the Red Book? And what do I need to consider when selecting the right equipment for the job?

Here at Oxford Plastics, we are proud to supply a variety of Chapter 8 and Red Book compliant safety products. These products offer a sustainable, efficient solution for a range of sectors, such as construction sites and streetworks. That’s why we’ve put together this handy animation to show you exactly why you should choose Oxford Plastics as your Chapter 8 and Red Book partner:

Oxford Plastics product range is fully Chapter 8 and Red Book compliant. Streets and highway-works in the UK are stringently managed through these regulations. Chapter 8 and The Red Book outline all you need to know about setting up streetworks, including health and safety requirements, the materials road-facing products can be made from, ballasting requirements and streetworks layouts.

These detailed codes of practice are essential to the design and development of Oxford Plastic’s products, and mean that they can be used confidently in street and highways works, facilities management and on construction sites across the world.

Our Chapter 8 compliant safety products

Strongwall Barrier

This heavy-duty barrier is an absolute must for live work sites. Add the plastic fence panel to create a 2m high anti-climb advanced barrier system for deep site excavations. The high visibility plastic construction is extremely easy to erect and forms a robust parameter.

Avalon Barrier

Available in three sizes for ultimate flexibility, these strong, lightweight barriers fit together in seconds, are supplied with hi-visibility anti-trip feet and can be ballasted for winds up to 60mph.

SafeGate Man Hole Barrier System

This high-visibility portable gate barrier is designed for use around manhole and temporary excavations. The modular design allows for a range of configurations. It is lightweight and easily stored, and can be used with SafeBases for greater stability in high winds.

Highway man cones

The highway man cone is a 2-part high-visibility cone that is ideal for heavy traffic, motorway, contraflow, lane delineation and parking management. The size of the cone varies – depending on the required application. Making it the perfect solution for any streetworks scenario.

EnduraSign & Ballast

Traffic signs are essential for active sites to alert and inform both drivers and pedestrians. These super durable road signs are manufactured from non-crack plastic. The intelligently designed system means they fold flat when not use and when used with the purpose-made ballast, they can withstand all that nature has to throw at them – meaning no more non-compliance fines for fallen over signage.

SupaGrip Ramp

Our anti-slide wheelchair and pedestrian kerb ramps feature our patented Low Pro technology, allowing foot traffic to pass from the kerb into the roadway – reducing unwanted movement and inspiring confidence in the user – no matter what the conditions.

LowPro Trench Cover Systems

For routine utility works and mains replacements, we have a range of Anti Slide Low Pro trench covers, which have been engineered for strength, durability and practicality. Choose from three Low Pro Trench Covers to suit your application – suitable for up to 3.5 tonne vehicles and pedestrians, the LowPro edges grip the asphalt – meaning pinning is rarely needed. And the purpose-made infills mean that a smooth, trip-free surface is maintained – allowing for expansion horizontally and vertically.

Why choose Oxford Plastics

The Oxford Plastics range of site safety products is made from virgin and recycled materials. They feature British Standard reflective materials, and are designed to minimise the risk of harm to pedestrians and vehicle alike. Together, they form the most comprehensive range of intelligently designed and engineered site safety products available anywhere – keeping the public, and the workforce, safe.

Still looking for some advice on which Chapter 8 or Red Book compliant product is the perfect fit for you? Get in touch with our team of friendly experts here at Oxford Plastics today.

road plates and trench covers

Ultimate guide to trench covers and road plates

Why choose trench covers and road plates from Oxford Plastics?

Here at Oxford Plastics, we’re proud of our wide range of plastic trench covers and road plates – offering a sustainable, efficient solution for a range of sectors, such as construction sites and streetworks. That’s why we’ve put together this handy animation to show you exactly why you should choose Oxford Plastics as your trench cover and road plate partner:

Our patented engineered solutions have been perfected by our dedicated team of engineers, creating a range of road plates and trench covers that are all HAUC compliant. This puts them at the very forefront of road safety engineering.

Our LowPro ranges of trench covers and road plates are the most comprehensive in the market – meaning we have a one-stop site safety solution for every possible scenario.

Specifically designed to replace dangerous, noisy, unreliable and composite steel plates, all LowPro road plates and trench covers are easily manoeuvred into position by the individual, or team of two, using our easy lift handles.

Once in place, our road plates are secured with our patented drop pins – and with ramped LowPro edges featured across the whole range of road plates and trench covers. They make pedestrian and wheelchair use safe and practical.

Flexibility is a key feature in the design of our trench covers. Expansion is managed easily and quickly, locking into position to form a super strong cover. And with the whole range having all the information you need moulded into the slip-proof surface of the product, you’ll always know that your installation is sound.

Supporting a guaranteed maximum load weight of up to 44 tonnes on a 1200mm trench, all of our road plates and trench covers are routinely tested to ensure a 2-1 safety factor – making them the most reliable, flexible and safe system for today’s demanding world. At Oxford Plastics, we’ve got it covered.

Types of trench covers available

A trench cover is generally used to cover bores, apertures and trenches – typically for the construction industry, or for maintenance and repair works. Trench covers can be used for both pedestrian and residential use, as well as for driveways and the construction industry. We’re proud to offer a wide range of trench covers, which include:

  • LowPro 15/10 – this anti-slide driveway board is typically used over a 900mm trench, which comes with an infill strip.
  • LowPro 12/8 – alternatively, this is an anti-slide pedestrian board which is used over a 700mm trench which comes with an infill strip.
  • LowPro 11/11 Pedestrian Board – this anti-slide pedestrian board is typically used over 700mm trench.
  • 16/12 Safe Cover – this driveway board is generally used over a 900m trench.
  • 12/8 Sage Cover – this is an anti-slide pedestrian board which is used over a 700mm trench.

Find out more about what safety trench cover you need from our detailed guide to trench covers.

Types of road plates available

Road plates are most commonly used to cover up a temporary excavation, bore hole or trench – providing a temporary solution for ground excavations where traffic, machinery or pedestrians would need access. Here at Oxford Plastics, we offer a selection of road plates, including:

  • LowPro 23/05 – this modular road plate is typically used over a 1200mm trench.
  • LowPro 15/05 – this modular road plate is typically used over a 700mm trench.

Learn more about what road plates are used for and more from our detailed guide to road plates.

Which is the best product for me?

Although we supply a wide range of both road plates and trench covers, we understand different products will suit different needs. That’s why we’ve put together a list of our top 5 road plates and trench covers – which is based on our top performing products and our customer’s favourites – giving you the guidance you need to choose the best product for you.

Still need some advice on trench covers or road plates? Get in touch with our team of friendly experts here at Oxford Plastics today.

Disabilities in streetworks

Streetworks are a necessary part of maintaining road infrastructure, pedestrian safety and the modernisation of our environment. However, this often poses its challenges to pedestrian accessibility – especially for those that suffer with a disability that affects their mobility.

The Equality Act, 2010 states that streetworks, or construction work, should be planned so that they do “not put a disabled person at a substantial disadvantage compared to a non-disabled person”.

That’s why, here at Oxford Plastics, not only do we provide the relevant equipment to ensure that pedestrian safety is maintained at all times during streetworks, but also the capability to cater for everyone – providing an all-inclusive way of working. We comply to the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 – meaning that our Chapter 8 streetworks products are applicable to those who are disabled, and can be used and installed in a way that caters specifically to those who suffer with mobility issues. This isn’t always just wheelchair users, either – it could refer to the elderly, parents with prams and pedestrians who need to use a stick or a guide-dog.

It’s also important to consider the hidden disabilities that people may be facing – such as autism, dementia or learning disabilities. Although this may not directly hinder people’s mobility, the impact of streetworks accessibility may be confusing for people – which again, shows why it’s so important that the correct safety measures are implemented.

How OPS products support disabilities

We’re proud that our variety of products can cater for those with disabilities – and there are a number of products and ancillary items which are the perfect choice in these circumstances:

  • SafeKerb Ramp – this is our legacy wheelchair ramp, and has been a staple product for many years. It provides safe access for wheelchair, pushchair, motorised wheelchair, bicycle and foot traffic up to 250kg.
  • SupaGrip Ramp – this product is more recently designed, and follows on from the SafeKerb ramp. This product differs in its design – with its black edging that grips the surface to greatly reduce unwanted movement – but also in terms of weighting, as this ramp can take more weight (up to 350kg) than the SafeKerb ramp.
  • Infill strips – our infill strips complement our range of LowPro Trench Covers well, allowing a flat surface which is perfect for wheelchair access. These strips not only remove the trip hazards sometimes faced by two joining trench covers, but they also stop the boards from moving, as there’s no lateral movement, ensuring a safe and stable platform for pedestrians.

Disabled access during Covid lockdown restrictions

In recent months, disabled access has become more of a pressing problem as restaurants and bars have extended their outdoor table offering. By doing so, this has often led to pedestrian access being compromised – as this space has been used for extra tables, in order for the hospitality industry to pull in more revenue in the wake of hospitality restrictions.

This is likely to have been a slight inconvenience for most pedestrians, but for wheelchair users in particular, this has proven to be quite challenging. A clip has recently gone viral of 25-year-old Katie Pennick struggling to fit through the gaps between diners in Soho, London. iNews have the original clip – which shows her struggling to navigate her way through socially-distanced tables located in the middle of the pavement. One of the most important factors about this is that Katie actually uses a ‘teenage’ wheelchair – meaning the wheelchair itself is “tiny” and only “23 inches wide”. She said: “If I’m struggling to get through these ‘gaps’, they are completely impassable for most wheelchair users.

“And it’s not just wheelchair users who can’t get by. It’s people with buggies, wheelchairs, large families, scooters and visually impaired people who use guide dogs.” This clip has prompted businesses to ‘not forget’ disabled people in its outdoor seating plans.

That’s why, here at Oxford Plastics, we’re aware that there can be a problem for disabled pedestrians – and we feel confident we are able to offer solutions to help solve these problems, and make their lives easier when streetworks are happening.

Our UK Business Development Manager, Josh Willis, adds: “Designing and manufacturing products with the challenges faced by those with physical or hidden disabilities is at the heart of all OPS products.

OPS’s innovations in LowPro trench cover technology and the completely anti trip Clearpath Extra barrier feet are testament to this.”

If you’re interested in our disabled ramp construction equipment, or simply want to know more, get in touch with a member of our expert team now.