Benefits of ground protection mats

Looking to create a temporary car park? Or perhaps a construction site needs ground protection for its upcoming project? Ground protection mats are an extremely handy solution to preserve and protect the ground in various scenarios. So, what are the benefits of ground protection mats, and why might you need them for your events or street works projects?

What is a ground protection mat?

Ground protection mats, also known as temporary road surfaces or temporary walkways, are employed when an area of grass or other sensitive ground needs to be protected from heavy equipment, or even foot traffic. This makes ground protection mats suitable for temporary car parks, construction sites, temporary pedestrian crossings for street works and events – as well as for use in many other scenarios, such as winter use. During the winter, sites can become boggy and muddy – which is where our ground protection mats are the perfect solution.

Temporary walkways can also be used as zebra crossings for pedestrians or as permanent walkways for street works and utilities, making them equally as useful for managing foot traffic as they are for managing traffic from vehicles.

Benefits of ground protection mats

So, why do you need ground protection mats? As well as being able to protect the ground from foot traffic or vehicles, there are many other benefits of having ground protection mats:

  • Adaptable – ground protection mats are adaptable to various weather conditions, meaning that they are safe to use in wintery and wet conditions, without having to worry about damage to the ground beneath.
  • Easy to clean – plastic ground protection mats are easy to clean from any dirt or gravel.
  • Slip resistant – ground protection mats have a non-slip nature, meaning that they also provide a good grip for vehicles and pedestrians in rainy weather.
  • Durable – made up of high density and durable plastic materials, ground protection mats have an unbreakable nature – meaning trucks and other heavy vehicles can carry heavy loads over them.

Ground protection mats from Oxford Plastics

Here at Oxford Plastics, we provide a wide range of solutions for temporary road surfaces. From our temporary pedestrian walkways, such as the ClearPath Mat, to our ground protection mats including the Enduragrid and Enduramat, browse our full range online today. Alternatively, get in touch with a member of our friendly team for more information about the benefits of ground protection mats.

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