Guide to trench covers

Used most often in streetworks and to enable pedestrian access, trench covers are a safe solution to main accessibility – whether that’s on a pavement or on the road. But, which safety trench cover should you choose? And what are the different types of plastic trench covers?

What is a trench cover?

A trench cover is intended to cover bores, trenches and apertures. Plastic trench covers are typically used during construction, maintenance and repair works, and are suitable for a variety of uses – ranging from pedestrian and residential use, to driveway and construction. Safety trench covers are designed for maintaining accessibility to an area that has developed a trench or a bore, while keeping pedestrians and vehicles crossing over the trench as safe as possible.

Types of plastic trench covers

Here at Oxford Plastics, we supply a variety of trench covers which suit different requirements, and different size trenches:

  • LowPro 15/10 – anti-slide driveway board suitable for 3.5 tonnes vehicles over a 900mm trench.
  • LowPro 12/8 – anti-slide pedestrian board suitable for 2 tonnes vehicles over a 700mm trench.
  • LowPro 11/11 – anti-slide pedestrian board suitable for 1.6 tonnes vehicle over a 700mm trench.
  • 12/8 Safe Cover – anti-slide pedestrian board suitable for 2 tonnes vehicles over a 700mm trench.
  • 16/12 Safe Cover – driveway board suitable for 2 tonnes vehicles over a 900mm trench.

Which safety trench cover do I need?

When deciding which plastic trench cover you need, firstly, you must identify the size of your trench:

  • Up to 700mm
  • Up to 900mm
  • Up to 1200mm

Next, you will need to determine what kind of traffic will cross over the trench:

  • Pedestrians and light vehicles which might park on the kerb
  • Vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes
  • Vehicles on a carriageway, which can be up to 44 tonnes

Once you’ve determined these elements, you will then be able to identify what type of trench cover or road plate you need. That’s where our handy guide on trench covers comes in. Learn which type of temporary trench cover or road trench cover plate you need now.

Browse our selection of trench covers and road plates online now to find the perfect solution for you. Alternatively, get in touch with a member of our expert team.

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