Red Book: Plastic Construction Fence


Red Book: Advanced Barrier System

The plastic top StrongFence has a Chapter 8 compliant all plastic design. it is an Enhanced Barrier System as detailed in ‘Safety at Street Works
and Road Works: A Code of Practice’.

Separate the public from private works

The StrongFence barrier is an extension of the StrongWall®. Available with a plastic or metal, anti-climb mesh top.

Quick assembly and anti-tamper

This barrier protects pedestrians and workers from deep excavations and hazardous sites. StrongFence creates a stable and secure fence suitable for keeping things in or keeping people out! Easy to handle, this barrier can be transported in a van and assembled by 1 person.

Features & Advantages

  • 2m anti-climb fence for deep excavations and hazardous sites
  • Compliant with Chapter 8 Street Works
  • Red Book enhanced barrier system
  • 1 person assembly
  • Stable and sturdy whatever the weather
  • Colour and logo customisation
  • Stacks efficiently for easy handling
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
  • 100% recyclable
StrongFence 1000
Label / Nameplate
Reflective Strip


Plastic Top StrongFence

Product No.0687
Weight25.5 kg
Quantity / Pallet18
ColourTop: Silver
Middle: Orange, white, red, other colours on request.
Base: Black


Metal Top StrongFence

Product No.0633
Weight26 kg
Quantity / Pallet9
ColourTop: Orange, white, red, other colours on request.
Base: Black
Test and dataStrongfence – set up in a rectangle 3m wide x 2m deep 44mph (70km/h).
Strongfence – set up 4m wide with one section attached at 90 degrees 1m in from each end, the wind blowing onto the side with the side sections attached
45mph (72km/h).
Mira Wind Tunnel Test July 2009
Maximum sideways force: 400 Newtons.

Strong Fence

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