Gapguard is the unique way to safely cover floor apertures created by utility services.

Containment, conduits, pipes... Gapguard can be adjusted to fit neatly around any service by simply selecting the correct insert size insert. The red inserts and the yellow bases can be used independently of each other, dependent on service and gap size E.G. for small bore pipe work with a suitable gap just the red insert can be used alone and for a 10 inch pipe the yellow bases would be used without the red inserts.

To ensure we meet our clients needs, Gapguard will soon be available in a range of sizes to accommodate both single services and multiple services in a row.

To purchase Gapguard, visit United Safety

Features and Advantages

  • High visibility provides advanced warning which helps prevent slips, trips and falls
  • Our patented system can be installed in minutes by anyone without the need for specialist tools, to give protection against falling objects
  • The highly visible colours provide advanced warning of the imminent hazard, which helps prevent slips, trips and falls
  • Floor apertures designed for utility services can be safely covered to give protection from falling objects
  • Gapguard is also re-useable, making it a quick and cost effective temporary or permanent solution