23/05 Road Plate

Heavy duty modular trench cover for roads and sidewalks

The Road Plate 23/05 is a modular system comprising individual units linked together. The Road Plate 23/05 is the ideal substitute to the steel plate, giving you more flexibility and security. There is no need to use expensive specialist lifting equipment. Please note: trench stability must be assessed prior to the Road Plate being installed to ensure that the ground conditions are structurally sound.

Features and Advantages

  • Modular Road Plate System, alternative to steel plates.
  • Innovative & patented Flexi-edge system greatly reduces noise pollution.
  • 3 foot wide trench suitable for 44 Tonne vechicle.
  • 4 foot wide trench suitable for pedestrians.
  • Each section weighs 68kg.
  • Anti-slip surface provides secure pedestrian access.
  • No need for expensive specialist lifting equipment.


Product No 0839
Length, end to end 2300 mm
Width 500 mm
Weight 60 Kg
Number per pallet 16

Yellow and Black as standard

Flexi-edge customization available