OxBlock HiVis

The OxBlock HiVis is the best alternative to a concrete block.

This HiVis version has a high visibility yellow end for added safety. Our OxBlock's are designed to form a stable base for metal security fencing. Made from a tough thermoplastic compound the OxBlock offers great resistance to cracking and damage.

With the Oxblock HiVis you will have a high visibility, robust shock proof product which will last much longer than a traditional concrete block. Its innovative design makes it easy to handle

This product is 100% recyclable.

Features and Advantages

  • High visibility yellow end for added safety
  • Made from tough thermoplastic compound.
  • Designed as a support for temporary fencing.
  • Accepts posts up to 40mm in diameter.
  • Different hole sizes are available on request.
  • The ends can be embossed for corporate identity.
  • More shock resistant than concrete.
  • Long life product, great resistance to cracking and damage.
  • Cut-outs for easy handling.
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK.
  • Made from recycled plastic.
  • 100% recyclable.


OxBlock HiVis 18kg:

Product No 0225
Length 770 mm
Width 205 mm
Height 120 mm
Weight 18 kg
Number per pallet 48
End Colour Yellow


OxBlock HiVis 24kg:

Product No 0253
Length 770 mm
Width 205 mm
Height 135 mm
Weight 24 kg
Number per pallet 43
End Colour Yellow