StrongWall 660

Water-filled self weighted delineator

Next generation of water filled barrier. StrongWall 660’s main asset is its cutting edge design which doesn’t need to be filled with water or sand.

It incorporates an 18kg recycled plastic base. The unfilled StrongWall is almost 3 times heavier than a traditional water filled barrier unfilled.

StrongWall 660 allows you to create a multitude of layouts. Its low profile base enables vehicles to drive over without damaging the product.

The StrongWall 660 is the ideal alternative to a traditional water filled barrier. It is more economical, saving you labour without compromising on safety.

Features & Advantages

  • Great resistance to wind.
  • The modular system can be shaped to the required layout.
  • No extra ballast weight requires – comes with an 18kg base.
  • Lower overall installation cost
  • Low profile base.
  • Integral reflexive panel.
  • Designed for compact stacking to provide low transport cost.
  • Can be converted into a fence.
  • Can be personalised with corporate colour and logo.
  • 100 % recyclable.
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK.
  • Weight when empty= StrongWall: 21kg / OxfordWall Barrier 7.5 kg


Product No: 0639
Height: 660 mm
Length: 1000mm
Width: 520 mm
Weight: 21 kg
Number per pallet 18
Colour: Top: red, white and orange
Base: black (other colours on request)