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Watchman Barrier MkII 26.06.15

Post and plank system unique to Oxford Plastics, upgraded based on customer

Compact for easy transportation and ideal for short term repair work.

Planks now manufactured from tougher HDPE.

Features a non-trip hi-vis foot on both sides.

Also available with a solar flashing lamp in photoluminescent pigment.

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Oxford Ballast Tray 26.06.15

For use with the Avalon Barrier and Watchman range to comply with new
regulations regarding wind speed.

Can be clipped to the barrier and filled with soil, excavated materials, kerb stone or
fence feet to ensure stability in adverse weather conditions.

Embossed with the level of material required to meet regulations.

Enables the Avalon and Watchman to be the only barriers capable of being set up
in all site configurations and to be fully compliant with the new Code of Practice and
Chapter 8 regulations.

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Avalon Barrier 25.06.15

Now available with the ClearPath Extra Foot (patent pending), which is flat on both
sides and in hi-vis yellow, offering a safe, non-trip alternative to a standard barrier
foot that’s above and beyond the requirements of regulations.

Now offers a choice of tube end as well as bucket and pin connectors, with the
ClearPath Extra Foot available with both designs.

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Oxford help Whitstable Lifeboat to keep public safe

Whitstable Lifeboat are right on a beach. With the public coming thick and fast during the summer months and weekends they were constantly having to usher people away, (politely of course) whenever they were washing down the tractor and lifeboat. Oxford barriers provided a simple solution to this problem.

"The barriers will make life much easier and more importantly, keep everyone safe" said Mike Judge., Lifeboat Operations Manager, Whitstable Lifeboat.

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