ClearPath Feet

Specially designed to overcome the trip hazard to pedestrians presented by conventional barrier feet. In stock, order NOW


Ensuring the safety of people in public areas is paramount. Oxford Plastics will
enable you to optimize the security of your event, concert or trade show.

Landscaping / Ground Cover

Protect the ground from potential damage during landscaping projects with our heavy duty ground protection.

Work Zone Safety

Oxford Plastics is your one stop shop for traffic and work zone safety products
including fences and barriers, road plates and heavy bases.


Welcome to Oxford Plastics

Our mission is to improve safety at construction sites, street works, and for the event industry through the provision of innovative products.

Our philosophy is to meet the changing needs of customers, providing them with the highest quality of products at the most competitive price without compromising on safety.

Our range of market leading products includes plastic pedestrian safety barriers, composite roadplates, trench covers and ground protection mats.

Oxford Plastic Systems is committed to its environmental responsibilities. 75% of our products are made from recycled materials and 100% are recyclable. Find out more about us

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